The Pumpkin Patch

The crackling, crunchy leaves, resound in the pumpkin patch,

Trailing the footprints of children searching to complete

the one that quietly nestled in their small hands to carry

suddenly the snap releases the orange ball

As the heavy load is held close to the heart

sculptured, painted, and created,

like some artist like Michelangelo,

Shining on the doorsteps

Taking me to the pumpkin patch,

always a warm memory,again.

American October Fest 2012

America’s October Fest officially brings summer to an end.

a time of abundant joys to share the feast with friends.

Many beverages  and fabulous foods are there for all to share

with millions of people celebrating throughout the world, everywhere.

It honors and commemorate each farmer’s harvest stored in its own way

For hard word can and should always me a treasure throughout the lands

Passing to the future generation with games to frolic in its galore.

As the sun slowly sets in the hues of red and blue,announcing even more,.

This is the day of celebration for the labors of love to make merry,

Gently helping and lightening the burdens that we carry.