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No more fleas, please!

The sad realization unfortunately came,
My dogs were carriers, I had to blame.
Leaving their little friends in carpets
and the upholstery they nestled in,
The adrenaline rushed and preparations made,
to blast these suckers and kill them in the tracks where they lay.
The two poodles and three birds had to find relief,
leaving home with me, fumigation ready to begin,
like an armed soldier hidden in a can,
small little pests met their untimely end,
Can’t wait returning to my home again,No flea markets,
No more fleas, pleas.

Flea drawn by Buonanni (1691).

Flea drawn by Buonanni (1691). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Use Humility, Please.

Is it better to have pride or show humility?
Being humble means one’s here to serve,
Not seeking recognition for something deserved.
We need to stand and pray humbly, Lord, today,
Pride forever washed away, but the humble will stay.
Teach us to listen, Lord, let a leader lead,

Humility is not thinking less of yourself but ...

Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less. (Photo credit: symphony of love)

to reach out as Jesus did, for this nation’s needs.
Work for one goal, use and pray with compassion,
“What would Jesus do?” Now in prayers,
We trust our leaders to act in the same fashion.
Do not close your hearts, use humility, please!
Don’t you agree?

The Push and the Pull

"Little" Red Wagon 2

“Little” Red Wagon 2 (Photo credit: markellis_1964)

Life is like sharing a red wagon as I did as a child.
If you grew tired, you’s sit, someone would pull.
Alone, something heavy, in the wagon it’d go.
That’s life pulling and pushing to our destiny,
glad to have those who push and pull
going along with me.

One of those days?

English: Alarm clock Polski: Budzik

English: Alarm clock Polski: Budzik (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Boy, running late, hurrying and scurrying,
like a mad jack rabbit being hunted,
The alarm bell called out to me gearing up as a fire fighter,
dashed up, put my glasses on, ready for the shower,
I started my shower and it dawned on me I left my glasses on.
After thoroughly washing them,  I set them out to dry,
Now quickly dressed I put the coffee pot on.
That sweet smell, a blessing to my day,
but as I drank it quickly in a rush,
I stared at the alarm clock, “4:00 in the morning?”
Any food for thought for something like that?


Ready for a fresh start?

flipping the pages - kl trip 009

flipping the pages – kl trip 009 (Photo credit: kairin)

Our diary with God is unwritten,
He sees our thoughts, fears, our short-comings,
Heaven burst out in laughter at the things in our lives, hidden from human sight.
Smiles shine upon us when we turn someones day into something bright.
The mistakes are there, there is nothing we can hide,
No sense in lying, truth not denied.
Each day talk and share the cares and mistakes you’ve made.
For if you believe and love Jesus, each page of the diary fades.
Ready for a new day, count on the one who is walking with you!

The Diary daily clean. Ready for a fresh start?

Great or small, are you ready?





The Human Race 10k 2008, Warsaw, Poland

The Human Race 10k 2008, Warsaw, Poland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We all look the same, despite skin color, facial features, whatever the shape,
strange joining as part of this our human race, that part is not a competition.
Not just stuck here called a blob or blur, the world needs every part of you,
Look into your life find the flavor that calls you to using determination,
Then the world synchronizes magically into the greatest joy of all,
Seeing God’s blessings in you, touching those around your path,
He uses you, great or small. Are you ready?