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The Mellowing Moon

Adding a bit more meaning and direction!

Lines by Linda

The mellowing moon

moves atop mountains,

meandering above,

meeting earth closer

smiling on earth,

God’s flashlight

Beautiful in June,

The heavenly, mellow moon.

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Daily Prompt: We Can Be Taught!

Daily Prompt: We Can Be Taught

Evil me? God, why?

The commandments to try,

If I broke one, I broke all,

leaving me alone and small,

then Jesus taught me,

such an important key,

because of his death,

I am forever free,

He is the reason that I smile

knowing my imperfections now to erase

by repenting and accepting Gods loving grace.

My heart leaps in adoration once again,

Freedom by his blood, is my daily friend.

Daily Prompt: The Artist’s Eye

English: The Statue of Liberty on Liberty Isla...

English: The Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. Deutsch: Die Freiheitsstatue im New Yorker Hafen auf Liberty Island. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In New York’s Harbor sits the Statue of Liberty,

Standing as a testament to one and all,

that in our country that everyone is free,

no matter how great or small,

towering above us, its torch burning bright

equality given and fought for by the brave,

shedding powerful, majestic light

as America’s flag forever waves.

I Am Sets us Free

The great “I Am” stands with me through trials and storms that rise,

The great “I Am” awakens me with everyday’s majestic sunrise.

I look above to find the mighty ” I Am” a compass, pointing sure,

Leading me along through the storms of life, I can

I am a rock.

I am a rock. (Photo credit: hipea…….)


The great “I Am” is available for all the world He created.

Stand with the “I Am” the one that never hated.

For in Him is the solid promise and everlasting key.

That in “I Am”, love for all lives and always sets us free.

Daily Prompt: Island of Senior Beauty Queens

Face of the Anti-War Movement 8

Face of the Anti-War Movement 8 (Photo credit: theqspeaks)



On an island hidden along a foreign seas


are all the senior beauty queens, just like me.


No photographers allowed, only sixty or older,


From all across the globe we come here to meet.


With so much beauty, there is no need to compete.


Everyone is a winner from head to toe,


Life experiences casting their own glow.


Destination, wouldn’t you like to know?