No Place Like Home

184570_529711133719691_893993320_n.jpg  courtland mainstreet

There is no place like home.

The howling, bone chilling wind blasts throughout the street,

Bringing snow swirling like a twister wherever it goes,

As it blew in, after dark everyone nestles in for heat,

Awaiting the dawn of tomorrow as its beauty unfolds.

For my town welcomes winter just as any stranger,

For here, I will scoop and touch the white blanket below.

Joined with small town America, kept from winter’s danger.

I am so happy alive in Courtland, Kansas,

for there truly is no place like home.



The land stretches out on the rolling grassy plains that I see,

So very glad that I am here to frolic in the grassy meadows

Living and loving and thankful God gave it to you and to me.

For here I have grown up and found strength, He is my shadow.

The cornstalks shoot up standing like loyal silent guards

And here I can dance in the sunflower fields blooming bright.

For in the beauty of the land there is nothing to discard

And where on earth can you enjoy the magical moon at night?

Here I have found that people who say nothing is there,

have not found a moment to breathe in  its fresh air.