A Beloved Recipe For You


For many years I have much practiced to bake,

cinnamon rolls that many people would take.

The recipe has been not revealed until today,

I hope you will enjoy it as you enjoy them one day.

Forgive me for using my wild scientist technique,

some are measured and others I add that make it unique.

Take 2 packages of regular yeast and dissolve in 1/2 cup of warm water with 1 teaspoon of sugar. Heat two cups of milk and bring it to a boil, add 1 stick of margarine,let mixture cool. Pour the milk, butter mixture into a large pan,add 1/2 cup of sugar, 1/2 tsp of salt. Stir well till all ingredients are dissolved, then, mix in the yeast water mixture.  Mix it all together.  Begin adding flour and mix, keep adding flour until it begins slightly 
stiff, and knead it well.Form into one large ball, and put into a large buttered pan, coat the ball of dough with butter.  Cover it up with a towel and let rise until double. Then punch the dough down. Melt one stick of margarine.   Divide it in half.  Roll each half out with a rolling pin.  Coat top of the rolled out dough with melted butter. Cover with sugar and then cinnamon.  Roll up dough, and cut into slices, put into greased pans.  Follow the same method for the second half of the dough.  Cover pans with tea towels, let rise until double. Put in 325-350 degree oven and bake until brown 20 minutes or so. Remove from oven.

 Sent to you with all my love.


Life is a Poem

Life is a poem and we are the ones who make it rhyme.

Each day, hand in hand together, in this our time.

For together we are dancers to the rhythm of the poem.

So in the days that follow, we all can find joy as one.