May your tomorrow echo today

May your tomorrow echo today,

the warmth and love to always stay.

Christmas joy never should end,

share it daily with a friend.

Bring our president, house and senate too,

pray for them in the work that they do.

Let them find a solution to agree,

that protect America, you see.

For certainly we know that there is a way,

May your tomorrow echo with them each day.


























Little Angels Again

The heinous, horrid shell of hideous horror
calls on families abroad from sea to sea
to seize the captor and let our children free.
Who are these who take away the joy
of children so dear? To live a life carefree
Guardian angels walk with each child, we pray,
Do not let the captors walk innocently away.
We unite and hold our children in a world as one.
Spare us our children, who are truly loved
Forever in our hearts, we hold their hands.
Rid the world of abductors and killers,
Who wants our children living in fear?
Be with Jessica’s family and friends
Let there be peace for little angels, again.

The Road to Wellness

When sickness appears, each day becomes a little better, I may not yet be there, but I know that illnesses do come to an end.  Perhaps it stares at us like a flashing stoplight reminding me how blessed I was, before the bumpy road I traveled. Getting stronger because I know that He will drive with me to his restoration boulder. This is the rock I am standing on? Are you? Fasten your seatbelts, as together we stand upon His rock.

The Torch September 11,2012

Lady Liberty wept for those that were taken, it’s true,

Freedom’s price depends on each of us, the red, white, and blue.

The stars and stripes wave down from the lofty, sky above.

The eagle soars over the country sharing His gracious love.

No buildings can ever collapse, or a country can replace

The hopes and dreams of those people taken and each erased.

Terror and fear are the goals and dreams we plan to forget

Rather, God’s love is within us, and there is work for us, yet.

There was a price, we that had to be met for the sacrifices now buried,

Our freedoms ring out along the USA for each soldier’s mission to carry.

The people who gave their lives serve for us like an open gate,

To rid the world of terror and put an end to hate.

It is because we are Americans that each new tomorrow will dawn,

To wake up at the dawn of each day pray to keep us forever strong.

God created ONE world under Gods watchful and loving eyes

to carry our flame of freedom, that is forever burning bright.

And the light passes across the countryside of the USA,

we gather as one nation in respect that for everyone we pray,

Over the rooftops and around each deck and porch,

Our lights will be lit by God’s hand, as we carry His torch.

In a Pickle?

■What do you do when you are in a pickle
■Do you scream,cry, or find someone to tickle?
■Do you just go around doing your daily routine
■or have a special lunch sometime in between?
■Perhaps you can shop for the things you deserve,
■but then again, what for your family will you serve?
■A pickle is a particular place you find yourself at
■Wishing you were Houdini to work out of all that
■The solution is easier than you may ever think
■You don’t need to try to make a big stink.
■So go on take a bite whether it is sweet or dill.
■Then have a winning smile which God knows you will
■For it is you that can make each day someone’s thrill.