How Do We Look at People?

thCAALU11E.jpg eyesHow do we look at people?

Do you see them as short or tall?

Do you find them skinny or fat?

Look only at their heart,

That is where we know

if our own hearts are big or small.

How do we look at people?



We all have questions about everything from A-Z. What do I Wear? What gifts do I still need to buy? When will we get the tree and trimmings up so the Christmas season will truly shine.

It is not the questions that matter, that need  answered, somehow they take care of themselves and do come our way.  For we trust only in the fact that God leads the way.  It is so human to think we have every answer to make things perfect. As we grow older, we know that just is not true.

The questions in life question-markscan be found with  people who are in your life, guiding and leading you through any turmoil or rut that we have to get through.

It is beautiful to have a chain in friends that help us get out and answer questions that alone we can’t solve.  The best gift of questions is the love shining from heaven and conquers all.

A Gift I Do Not Want

A gift I do not want, the time slowly goes by.

My husband, Elgin, to me is very wise.

After 37 years of living our life as one,

Today is the day, that something needs done.

Our separation to some may come as a shock,

But it is a key that for tomorrow, our future will unlock,

For we are separating, because that is what I have to do,

Until he gets over the gift I do not want, the stomach flu.

A Place You are Not Welcomed

Words are being  said but you don’t know who from?


It is indeed so sad to say


You soon will go away.


What place would be that unkind


You need not worry your mind.


It is lonely, it is oh so true,


You learn what to do.


Your left pondering that thought,


Remembering all you’ve got,


you know you are finally through,


you leave, knowing it’s up to you.


For today you have scored a hole in one.


You find yourself glad, that it is done.


You need not really be in a rush,

Just be sure to give it a flush.

The Mishap

Ever have that accident you were unprepared for?

It began at Courtland Clinic’s door.

I opened it up as most people do,

But the door shut on my finger too.

But the staff so loyal were there in the blink of an eye,

Who bandaged it up, I thought, “How stupid am I?

Embarrassed but with their love and care,

My middle finger was left in repair,

So be careful no matter where you go,

The answer is in your fingers I definitely know