Autumn’s Reflections

The gleaming frost coats the land like diamonds,
Resting atop the golden, red, and brown leaves,
floating gently down to the earth below,
telling me that autumn has begun.
My childhood calls me tenderly from yester years,
inviting me to surrender back in time.
I travel back and rest on the cool, crispy soil,
throwing leaves on top of me, as a blanket to warm me.
Above me, I watch the trees holding more leaves to journey down.
Looking up, I look at the sky above that watches on this child from long ago,
For in my memory, the child is still alive within me.
No matter what the reason, I find myself in a refreshing light.


The Stages of Life,

Childhood–you learn        Adolescence–you choose what you learn and test your parents

adulthood–You practice what you learned and are tested daily about things you learned

Senior Citizen–You have graduated and have become a senior trying to remember what you learned.