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What God cares about

God does not care about our incomes as much as He cares about our outcomes.

The Stairs we Climb


I am Okay, You are Okay

What would Jesus Do?

The day my son came to me and told me he was gay,
My heart wanted to melt away.
But God spoke to me as I always know He will,
Just as God loves me unconditionally, “You are my son, still.”
My son, my gift from heaven’s home above,
He is mine, forever to love.
I am Okay, You are Okay.
In His arms, we still stay.




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Never apart

I looked at the old man who stared back at me.
How can this really be for us to see?
For a miracle appeared within my heart,
this was our love, once young, alive, never apart.





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One of a kind!

Hey, ever marvel at the intelligence inside a computer?
Amazing knowledge, storehouse full of information for sure,
But I consider that I am far greater than what rests inside of it,
For only we, ourselves, can laugh at who we are,
And marvel because we are each made one of a kind!

Each step

Yesterday’s footsteps are but a memory,
Today’s pathway awaits you and me.
Never a doubt, but always a new step to take,
To better someone’s day, in the path you make.




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