Through the Window of Time

GE DIGITAL CAMERAOut of the window my focus travels back in time,

to an old chicken coop, where roosters crows echo in my mind,

amid the laughter of Alice, my neighbor, weathered well,

who worked harder than a man, witnessed by the tales she’d tell,

From dawn to dusk her garden and chickens were her showcase,

Relying only on rain, stored in a cattle tank to beat drought’s despair,

I have forever this woman locked in my heart who is so  rare.

For no alarm clock I needed to get me out of bed those days through each call

As the roosters cock-a-doodle-do penetrated my bedroom’s ever hearing wall

The building still stands like a guardian over the memories I hold in my heart,

Through the window, remember the scenes that never will part.

The Facelift

Lines by Linda

We as we age see the lines and wrinkles increase with age,.

Just part of God’s plan and a designated stage.

We need not have plastic surgery so others can see

The outer self like it once used to be.

Greater worth rests within the soul and the heart,

That God created for you right at the start.

So the mirror may cause your mind to go adrift.

Talk to God, that is truly an amazing facelift.

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Finding Joy

mom on a motorcyle

Many children will be out trick or treating, so happy that they too, find something to enjoy,
Looked forward to each year to do for every girl and boy.
Even as adults we look back to crazy people that we had an endeavor to recreate.
We all have a child within, no matter what the age, to find something you’ve wanted to try.
For these ideas always keep us young at heart, and never question exactly why.

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Grey hair

Gray hair is a crown of glory;
    it is gained in a righteous life.

Proverbs16:31 ESVprofile picture

Age is part of the stages of life to live,

Gaining wisdom through experiences, to give and forgive,

It does not come in a single day or step to gather all,

For in each day we rise and fall.

For in the imperfections that we face, we are not alone.

For believing and faith in Jesus, righteousness He lives in us as one.

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Like a chrysalis,life renews itself, and the life to transform

Free to grow and change,  not weathered by storms.

So that is how God changes us from the inside out.

Beautiful as each butterfly, Being made so new to change lives about.

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Sincerity, has no way of measure,

Only those who open up your treasures,

Finding love and solace to have and see

The joys of love, that to you are always free.

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