Education’s Future posted 9-9-2012

Holy cow we have seen it all, remember now it is known as “No Child Left Behind”, The government knows,

So with some signature it would give educators the tools to see how far that each child grows.

Each teacher and student attempts and tries to learn and accomplish what they should,

and every school district in the USA gave every test and tool giving us all that they could.

No program is perfect, even the government knows that things can run amuck,

Leaving us to wonder and guess is this system one that is truly stuck?

Perhaps the government now has some up with something new, called FBI, Future Basic Instruction,

and with all they attempt to do, will it be construction or a total destruction?

the term itself is confusing because we all know that there is a FBI to protect us day by day,

may be call it FIB, Someone is truly ideal and making plans similar in more than one way.
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