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I Wish I Were a Coffee Pot

I wish I were a coffee pot,

to fill your cup and keep it hot,

as you start to prepare your day,

With each sip, I’d see a smile,

That I could treasure for a little while,

So heading out the door, my friend,

May my warmth for you never end.


Accomplishments result when you are part of the team.

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The gathering welcomed people once again.

A drop of time so many years ago,

But inside, we stay the young people,all aglow,

For here we are many, yet united as one,

because our hearts found each other

we link ourselves as family more than friends.

If we pass out that love,

what a changed world it would be,

sharing the love inside of you and me.

The Pumpkin Patch

The crackling, crunchy leaves, resound in the pumpkin patch,

Trailing the footprints of children searching to complete

the one that quietly nestled in their small hands to carry

suddenly the snap releases the orange ball

As the heavy load is held close to the heart

sculptured, painted, and created,

like some artist like Michelangelo,

Shining on the doorsteps

Taking me to the pumpkin patch,

always a warm memory,again.

The Key

Pulsating, penetrating loss fills me searching for the key

The one that opens up the door of the one and only me.

The time ticks by faster as the clock passes with age,

as many memories bring me to appear center stage.

I find the key holder, as God unfolds my destiny

For he opens my soul, with the turning

of the key.

Everyone has their own pathway, as we walk down ours, we join with yours

Lines by Linda

The pathways of our lives
curve along each mile,
finding bumps and detours
we continue changing speeds
we know a destination
that meanders here and there,
for we press on
until there comes that time when we blurt out,
“We are finally there!”
Only to find that drive is within us
to carry us farther and farther,
even after our footsteps end,
that legacy is left for our children
and the winding pathway continues,
forever, in lives we touched,
its winding pathway never ends.

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