Election Selection

We are no longer in that once upon era of days gone by,

Instead candidates backed up with campaigns that shout, “Buy, buy!

Votes once sacred cast at every poll to have a say,

are backed by unions and big businesses today.

The media blasts candidates early and late,

So can a voter cast his ballot from deep within their soul,

Our forefathers set it forth for futures to sustain and grow.

Your vote matters so please do not ever quit,

Put your thoughts and prayers with each mark on it.


Love Covers All the Earth

543830725_3286f9cbeb_sLove covers all the earth

From galaxies beyond to our very birth

Never alone, no matter what the threat,

His everlasting grace and mercy shine, even yet,

Put out your hand and hold it, keep it in your grasp,

When in doubt go and sit on Jesus lap.

Find the peace and repeat, “Love covers all the earth below.

Be sure He will never let you go.

Daily Prompt: Never

Daily Prompt: Never.

Forbidden (Cooney novel)

Forbidden (Cooney novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

forbidden to write about people who pass by the words I write.
I am here to share what I feel in my heart and soul.
To brighten someones day into sunshine and chase out the night.
Forbidden  to write to boast, just love for others to show.
Words are not the forbidden fruit but used to open the eyes,
For may words never pass you by.

Daily Prompt: Twenty-Five, Alphabet Soup


Language (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daily Prompt: Twenty-Five.

Twenty-five letters, alphabet soup?

So many words to share how we feel,
makng life smple, not surreal,
wantng to refresh your heart and mnd,
Manknd’s one of a knd.

Each letter, each thought, each message
spread out on each page,through all passages,
Can you see the alphabet we use day n and day out,
Wthout one letter, language is important without a doubt,

English: Alphabet pasta Deutsch: Buchstabensuppe

English: Alphabet pasta Deutsch: Buchstabensuppe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What am, what say, is hndered more than knew,
the mssng letter can you see t, friend?
The twenty-five takes me apart from the golden rng.
wthout t m lost n forgettng that am.

Have some alphabet soup, again!

Menu, Master Please


Menu (Photo credit: Renée S.)

Menu, master please

Mouth watering,hunger eased,fingers tottering,anticipating,expecting,food arriving,satisfying,needs fulfilled?


Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Luke 6:38 NIV




Give to God, and He will give you the desires of your every need, His menu will fill you, yes, indeed!

Faith to fill us, never doubting, walking together He pours out His love daily that we may succeed.

Daily Prompt: No, Thanks Inside an Inferno


Daily Prompt: No, Thanks

Inside an inferno is nowhere I would go, strangely enough surreal it seems,that at four in the morning, as the world lay asleep, our son brings his dog for us to keep. My sleep is sporadic to say the least.

I had just laid down to get some sleep, John called me to look out of the window, gazing the house across the alley.We stood and watched as a tiny, glowing flame grew, from  the vacant home’s window. Hurriedly, I called 911, before hanging up, flames were shooting out the window, I told the 911 operator.

Living miles from the emergency control.  Soon a deputy arrived to call it a structural fire.  Within minutes our volunteer firefighters came in the blink of an eye, they are true heroes we cannot take for granted, it is true, Giving their own lives to save us without any pay, in rural Kansas, it is this love that protects each day.



Firefighters (Photo credit: starmanseries)







No inferno, no fire, angels around me, where life grows.

Our communities, our towns are living with  heroes.