Election Selection

We are no longer in that once upon era of days gone by,

Instead candidates backed up with campaigns that shout, “Buy, buy!

Votes once sacred cast at every poll to have a say,

are backed by unions and big businesses today.

The media blasts candidates early and late,

So can a voter cast his ballot from deep within their soul,

Our forefathers set it forth for futures to sustain and grow.

Your vote matters so please do not ever quit,

Put your thoughts and prayers with each mark on it.

Love Covers All the Earth

543830725_3286f9cbeb_sLove covers all the earth

From galaxies beyond to our very birth

Never alone, no matter what the threat,

His everlasting grace and mercy shine, even yet,

Put out your hand and hold it, keep it in your grasp,

When in doubt go and sit on Jesus lap.

Find the peace and repeat, “Love covers all the earth below.

Be sure He will never let you go.

The Camouflaged Winter Picnic

The Camouflaged Winter Picnic

Get out those white paper plates, waiting for its use. Make up some steaming milk gravy and blanket it on pieces of white bread, just add the hot hominy, topping it off with  vanilla milk shakes in white cups, go out and plop yourselves, on the wintry lands your camouflaged meal to enjoy. Make snow angels everywhere you are, for It won’t take long before everyone gathers around the fire warmed inside. Just one more memory for everyone to lock down deep inside. An unforgettable moment, in the cold and always warmed in the heart of time.

Daily Prompt: Seconds! JoAnne’s Chicken Fried Steak

000023801.jpgchicken fried steakDaily Prompt: Seconds!.

My mouth began to water each Wednesday of the week,

when our town of 300 would await a tantalizing feast.

At the local bar and grill the master cook was preparing her recipe,

Chicken fried steak, which was a meal fit for royalty.

No frozen patties, but made from natural cubed beef steak,

Bathing each piece with egg and milk in a big bowl,

Then getting them rolled in a special flower roll.

Large frying pans with oil awaited each special piece as they fried,

My stomach whispered, “Please”.

After being fried they, she warmed them in an oven on low,

Peeling potatoes and cooking and mashing were then left to follow.

With home-made gravy being ready to top the delicious meal,

The buns readied for the warmer and the corn cooking to seal the deal.

Orders called in, long before, to insure they would have this, so divine,

No one wanted to become left out or learn they’d reached the end of the line.

I remember  I would call in and pick mine up after teaching school,

And savor it with my family who enjoyed it so much too.

Each bite, as tender as any cut of meat could be,

For when I worked there during my summer’s pace

I found that it was also her love that traveled with each plate.

For now she sold the place and we all remember it remarkably,

It is great to have her as my friend, you want her recipe?

God’s Schedule

God’s schedule, what is that?

The hardest lesson I have had to learn was that for the first time in my life I no longer had a schedule. Since age 5, there always had been an alarm clock to wake up to, a morning ritual of preparing myself for school. For 38 years of my life I had a specific schedule to follow, and agenda shall I say.

Then at 63, I retired from all that I loved. In some ways it was like being a slave and being allowed to do whatever I chose to do, when I chose to do it. I thought this is great and wonderful. But drastically times change, life changes, everything happens for a reason.

My health brought to a disability, but my determination and my dreams and my hopes are not disabled. For in life there are no setbacks, just bumps in the road, that God will control. I have the wide open spaces of my freedom of expression to give you inspiration, not desolation. Believe,love and hope, my bonds like your bonds are free, I may not have a schedule as I once did. Won’t you follow God’s schedule?