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Just be careful where you tread! Hang On!

Be careful where you tread, I should have asked myself that long before,

My husband carried it in the house from a local store.

It sat by my freezer, as heavy as could be,

It gave me a lot of exercise moving it, you see.

After a month, my husband who is my handyman

Decided to put it together for me to use,

After trying it out, I asked myself, “What did I choose?”

No electronic device, just using my old feet,

what a journey for me this task to complete,

Uphill, and uphill, it was like climbing the Alps,

All I wanted was a little help!

So my hope is my husband will jack up the rear end.

So I can easily travel down that hill again.

Just be careful where you tread! Hang On!

Not destitution, my new blog set up!Q

Lines by Linda

children around worldNot destitution in my, resolutions I just can’t keep,

Sometimes they keep me from a good night of sleep.

So I am going to change the will of my mind and soul

That will never let me fail, but sure to keep me whole.

Forgive me for anyone that I mistreated or caused to feel bad,

Others that I may offend and made them quite mad.

I give them to Christ who will not condemn me,

and repent of anything that I can’t see.

Forgive me for promises that went unfulfilled,

So that my path in Christ alone I can build.

So in Christ who won the war there is only one solution,

And he will make way your path, not destitution.


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Just do it!

Many times in life I have told others just do it.

Now I look back and remember others told me the same thing.

We all did it from beginning to end.  We didn’t quit.

Somehow it taught us satisfaction by the work we’d bring.

So tomorrow as your child might oddly complain,

We all say, “Just do it!” the never-ending refrain.

I Knew We’d Never Come Back From That One!

On a snowy wintry, New Year’s Eve, What a day for me to dream,

I had a dream that I was in Time’s Square,

There were thousands of people everywhere!

I didn’t know a soul, but my husband standing near

preparing for the ball that would drop right here.

It seems that I have talked more that I should.

As they lifted the ball, there we stood.

I knew we’d never come back from that one!

At last my eyes opened wide and I started to smile

About a crazy dream I have not had in a while.

Elgin took me up into Courtland’s square

I dropped my watch, so we could be there,

So this New Year’s Eve, we will all have our own Time’s Square.

I knew we’d come back and the New Year’s Eve to share!184570_529711133719691_893993320_n.jpg  courtland mainstreet

Lines by Linda

I considered myself normal for the age of 12 with a varied amount of interests.  There was one thing that I wanted that would make my Christmas complete, a phonograph, which now is obsolete. Oh the thrill of listening to my records in my room to sing along and feel like the artist was in the room with me.

That Christmas there was one large gift from my mom especially for me.  My heart beat fast, as the anticipation grew, I ripped the paper so I could finally treasure the gift I had hoped for to behold.  Inside the box was an iron.  I could not believe it, I gulped and with love and honor I showed my mom my gratitude.

It is so strange how my mother saw right through me. At bed time my mom came in and said, “Linda, I think I made a ridiculous choice for you, all I…

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As We Celebrate Christmas Eve

nativity-scene-As we celebrate Christmas Eve

God’s miracle we believe,

At sunset our hearts focus on heaven above

to Bring us His Son, that we’ve come to love.

Everyone gathers close to share as one,

with our family and friends throughout our homes.

May His shining light and precious gift bring us joy and pleasure,

For all he has given us with others to treasure.

His gift of giving encourages us to kneel at the manger,

For worshiping Him, we are never a stranger.

Merry Christmas!