Lonely? there are many reasons why we feel that way,

Somedays, it overcomes whatever we think or somehow feel,

There are friends that help chase the blues away.

Nevertheless the emotions to each are real,

Be a friend to others, and smile day after day.

What Christmas means to me.

What Christmas means to me is God’s greatest gift of all, the birth of His son, Jesus Christ who gave his life for eternity for people like you and me. I have memories like Dickens “Christmas Carol” Not what I call ghosts but memories that are always in my heart, of events times, and so many people who helped me become what God planned just for me. So many people are in heaven and as I browse through old pictures or particular times I know somehow they are always next to me, encouraging me on into the future, to become the angels that they freely were to me. The love of parents and families that teaching brought me to are held so close inside, as their lives become successful and happy, I find more joy inside. The precious jewels of my children and grandchildren are the best gifts God could ever give. He has given me friends that are his angels that give me a reason to smile. Thank you so much. That is what Christmas means to me.

What’s the Beef?

Some people are vegetarians, but I like all types of meat,

It is the main course and makes my meals  quite complete.

So much protein that my body needs to keep me strong,

Giving me a reason to thank the farmers who work so long.

From lean hamburger to the best cuts of my steaks,

Open up recipes to enjoy and for others make.

So I am thankful for farmers, this is my belief,

I know exactly what is the beef.



The Winding Path

Grass Pathway

Grass Pathway (Photo credit: shaire productions)

The pathways of our lives
curve along each mile,
finding bumps and detours
we continue changing speeds
we know a destination
that meanders here and there,
for we press on
until there comes that time when we blurt out,
“We are finally there!”
Only to find that drive is within us
to carry us farther and farther,
even after our footsteps end,
that legacy is left for our children
and the winding pathway continues,
forever, in lives we touched,
its winding pathway never ends.

The Old Empty House.

The Old House

The Old House (Photo credit: spratmackrel)

Atop the hill sits the old empty house,

Weathered by time, the deep silence

is broken by the brushing barren branches

that reach out to the abandoned home.

I close my eyes and imagine life within,

when children were once lived and played.

The hard life of the family in sorrow and joy,

stood as one beneath the roof above.

Strength left with them, its legacy to carry

packed with each memory, never to leave.

The empty house’s foundation stands like a rock.

The Old Broom

Lines by Linda

One tattered broom still remains

that I shall always hold in my hands.

Coming from the old tattered factory

where hard-working men and women.

Labored with pride with the sweat of their brow

In an instant forever forgotten in firy flames.

Only the tattered shell of the building

remains in my mind to always remember and see

That  this broom holds a key to great people

Always embedded in my life always to stay,

For with my broom, memories can never be

swept away. They are angel dusted mementos.

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