Convention Apprehension

One down, one to go, like pretty little ducks sitting in a row,

Choosing the right people for speeches and words that will glow

The glitz and the glitter, the fanfare and such,

We, as Americans don’t care about too much.

Many people listen to the promises that each one surely will keep

Don’t be fooled no matter what they say, nothing is ever cheap.

To do this and to do that requires working together with comprehension

No wonder Americans have acquired a certain Convention apprehension.

So with about 70 days left to mire through many an ad

America then will finally once again certainly be glad.

I believe In America, the land of the brave and the free,

I just want someone who will care about all that we see.

“Give me your tired ,your poor huddled masses,

Lead our country and don’t lose our??????glasses.