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For Sydney Fong

The Stairs we Climb For Sydney Fong who writes from Singapore and speaks to my heart.

A fellow blogger who creates visions and stories for me to grow and learn,

shared a story about a man who married a widow he loved

With his hands he chiseled out sixty steps for his wife to climb

removing the moss, so her climb would be easier as she rose above.

In the hills they made their home and raised their family of seven.

Daily the kind gent removed moss growing on each stairway,

Until the old man died and climbed up to heaven.

And one day regardless of who we are or where we live

I will join Sydney Fong, climbing the stairway as He has a hand to give.

What Christmas means to me.

What Christmas means to me is God’s greatest gift of all, the birth of His son, Jesus Christ who gave his life for eternity for people like you and me. I have memories like Dickens “Christmas Carol” Not what I call ghosts but memories that are always in my heart, of events times, and so many people who helped me become what God planned just for me. So many people are in heaven and as I browse through old pictures or particular times I know somehow they are always next to me, encouraging me on into the future, to become the angels that they freely were to me. The love of parents and families that teaching brought me to are held so close inside, as their lives become successful and happy, I find more joy inside. The precious jewels of my children and grandchildren are the best gifts God could ever give. He has given me friends that are his angels that give me a reason to smile. Thank you so much. That is what Christmas means to me.

Dear Jesus,




Dear Jesus,

Thank you for all you have given me, the joys, the sorrows, too.

I know you were with me to help me carry through.

Thank you for becoming a man, the perfect gift so rare,

To be my shining light and hold me in your care.

For everything I feel and think you already know,

Who else has my back no matter where I go.

Your life means the world to me,

Standing with me, no matter what I see,

Each year at Christmas, I see the nativity scene,

And I honor you for being not a human, but my Heavenly King.

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Have you taught your children don’t be naughty, but nice?

Have you taught your children don’t be naughty but nice.

As we grew up did your parents preach that to you?

Somehow it flavored the Christmas spirit with spice,

hoping your children would behave in all that they would do.

For the thrill came from the tales of a man in a red suit,

that would miraculously appear in the blink of an eye,

Naturally, most children behaved to get their loot,

But after Christmas did their behavior somehow pass by.

It is hard as an adult to admit the truth and spill out the dice,

that yes, there are times when you’ve been naughty, not nice!

Grandma, always told me you better practice what you preach,

After becoming a grandma, she was right I must agree.

As a parent we want our children to practice what you teach,

God will always be there to forgive us all and set us free?

So sometimes you have to think it over once or even twice,

Have you taught your children, don’t be naughty, but nice?

Amount of Wealth

It doesn’t matter the amount of wealth,

that can bring us perfect health.

But on the wings of every prayer,

Jesus answers our every care.

Never doubt but look to heaven above,

No amount of wealth is greater than His love.


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Cybershopping Monday, have you been on line,

ordering gifts to bring someone’s delight?

I don’t know, if it is yCybershopping Monday, have you been on line,

ordering gifts to
our experience or just mine,

That it takes the craziness out and it may feel right,

I did not have to wait in Black Friday’s long wait,

Where many customers came pushing and shoving,

Those are the things that I just can’t tolerate

To me the gift of Christmas is all about loving.

The perfect gift is already living in your heart

No matter the cost, but  with each person in mind,

no matter what, love is  the most important part.

Don’t worry there is always time left to truly find,

Cybershopping, maybe?  Your gift is always your true design.


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