Shipwrecked, would I be a monstrous cannibal consuming a human being?

If I were on a ship braving the cold, dark sea, and food nor water were in my grasp,

Would I like Dudley take command to kill someone and feast on human prey,

I don’t think I could live with the fact that I became a killer as the man breathed his last,

Insanity and haunting nightmares would follow me each and every day,

I would rather surrender myself so that others could survive and live,

knowing that it was my choice to be the one to be sacrificed,

then they might appreciate me and remember to them what I chose to give,

For me it would be the ultimate gift, My love for them, not to be denied.

Shipwrecked in life? God will lead me to lay down my lfe if He wanted me too,

How about you?


A Drive through the Clouds

angelOne foggy December night when Angel and her family came back for a stay
We had reservations to eat a meal as a family gathering as one,
But never imagined that the fog made distance so far away.
We had Ethan, Owen, and Lily buckled all in for a night of family fun.
Mile after mile the fog became thicker and almost like driving in a dream,
When our grandchildren, explained that is exciting, and thrilling it seems.
Throughout the chatter, I shared that God was in that cloud and right in our van,
so we proclaimed like the 3 wise men we would complete the journey to the end. Lily took my hand to say, “I’ll be your angel to help you cross the street.
After the meal with everyone there and eating and our memories complete.
I went to pay for our meal and did not see the step and fell to the floor,
Hoping no one noticed, I hopped back up, ashamed to have been a sight,
But many people were there to make sure I was really all right.
Returning to the table my grandchildren naturally had to have a smile,
To see that their grandma has to fall for them once in a while.