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Healthcare Beware

Oh health care,  health care, buyers beware,

you might just be left being in your underwear.

Just beware and don’t catch any old bug

Grandmas don’t fret they won’t pull the plug!

The Stages of Life,

Childhood–you learn        Adolescence–you choose what you learn and test your parents

adulthood–You practice what you learned and are tested daily about things you learned

Senior Citizen–You have graduated and have become a senior trying to remember what you learned.

The Weekend Weak End.

Left to visit aunt and uncles.  My daughter was left in the back seat with a variety of snacks to choose from.  She was 5 at the time. She happened to see a big blue H, which she knew met hospital.  She begged me to take her there. I pulled over and after checking, she had eaten a whole bag of prunes.  With only a few miles left, she found out that a weekend can be your definite weak end!