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In Memory of Vera Saunders

Garden flower

Garden flower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the mother of our family.
Ninety-one years of a life she led the way,
raising her sons and daughter day by day.
Adding new daughter-in-laws and  son-in-laws were sources of joy
Then welcoming granddaughters and grandsons, to always enjoy,
an ever-growing  chain of grandchildren were  bright spots as well
God knew what she was given and to others stories she would tell.
His outstretched arms now hold you forever close.
His love and compassion reached down
to soothe your suffering wiping away panic and fear, We praise God for your victory!
Waiting to meet you and live with you in heaven together, where we will always be!

Speak up, welcome our king?

English: Flag of Israel with the Mediterranean...

English: Flag of Israel with the Mediterranean sea in the background, in Rishon LeZion. עברית: דגל ישראל בראשון לציון (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sweet baby Jesus born and angels did sing,
The savior of salvation to earth God did bring,
Precious to Israel, God’s Holy land,
Forever with Israel to with its people stand.
No Iran nuclear agreement to give Israel an atomic sting,
Speak up! Welcome our King!

The Light of the World

The Light of the World (Manchester Art Gallery)

The Light of the World (Manchester Art Gallery) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A snowy white glistening day
The first snow in Kansas to come this way.
The opportunity to put up the tree,
My husband and son bringing it in for me.
The weight was heavy with optical lights,
waiting for the dark on a wintry night.
The house, quiet, now on my own
I knew the lights not glimmering with a glow,
At last a different transformer to at last put in the plug,
I laughed as the bottom of the tree’s optical unit landed with a thud.
So now how will my husband face the scene?
I gazed up at the wall, where a light says, “Believe,
Atop is a wooden star with a cross which reads,
“I am the light of the world”.


Noel signifies that Christ was born.
Strangely enough In him I too was reborn.
Rearranging the letters in Noel, I learn something new,
Lone, is me, but with Him alone, life I pursue.

Cover of "Noel"

Cover of Noel



Joy (Photo credit: ahhyeah)


Christ’s birth, what does it mean?
Giving us life, despite who or what we are,
The best gift, God’s son, born like a human being.
No longer do we have to face fears, He is the star.
No longer unworthy, but made right in His sight,
His understanding unable for us to comprehend,
Forever shining through our darkest night,
Joy, celebrate it each day, Joy without end.