Step on it!

Step on It! (Posted for September 14,20014.

by Lines by Linda on Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 10:58pm ·

There are many things after being married that you soon learn,

You think you can change your husband into all he can be for you,

But as years progress, your heart goes back and remembers that yearn,

And as the years pass, The man blesses you in all that he will do.

Sometimes however, they may not be the speedster to get ready to go.

I was brought up that usually it is the women who become so slow.

Trying to motivate a man can be a task of urging to continue on,

particularly if it is a social event, your suggestions become quite strong,

I learned that God’s miracle came true after learning to quit,

After seeing a mouse running, He did it, he stepped on it.

So the message I learned when from this house we will leave from again,

I won’t hesitate to say, “Step on it”, a message,now, my new-found friend!
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