Judge Not, That Ye Be Not Judged.

Courtroom One Gavel

Courtroom One Gavel (Photo credit: lambdachialpha)


Friendship-001 (Photo credit: Ludie Cochrane)

Do not judge, that ye be not judged.

Matthew 7:1

That is the reason our friendship grew.

It is not that I have reached the point of perfection,

only that I believe God is alive, stepping-stones in the right direction,

for only a friend can see the God that is alive in me.

Not necessarily outwardly, but the soul set free.

So thank you for not judging me on things God has given,

On stares of our earthly home, that may need some fixing.

We all journey on the road, together, to walk along His side.

Thanks for not judging me, but in His love to abide.

The Shake Shack

The Shake Shack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Not destitution

children around worldNot destitution in my, resolutions I just can’t keep,

Sometimes they keep me from a good night of sleep.

So I am going to change the will of my mind and soul

That will never let me fail, but sure to keep me whole.

Forgive me for anyone that I mistreated or caused to feel bad,

Others that I may offend and made them quite mad.

I give them to Christ who will not condemn me,

and repent of anything that I can’t see.

Forgive me for promises that went unfulfilled,

So that my path in Christ alone I can build.

So in Christ who won the war there is only one solution,

And he will make way your path, not destitution.


Come together!

Come together and stand up for the nation you question-marks to lead. Humble yourselves to the wishes the people believe.

I believe that we are here for a purpose to make the world a place that we can find peace, joy, comfort, hope and enjoy our lives as one. It surpasses my human ability that a plan so incredibly made from God, could be explained my scientific reasoning.  I was not just plopped on earth to exist a blob, rather there was a special plan and purpose for my life long before I was born.

I believe this applies to every human, every government, every nation, and that God said, “A child shall lead them.” When I contemplate that concept my teaching suggests that children figure out solutions, and solve problems, then why can’t the three branches of government do that?

Let them all humble themselves to look to the welfare of all people, not just the rich. We need support for our farmers, our schools, our elderly, our middle and those who are poor.  Just as God cares for me.  May they pray,

“Not my will but thine be done on earth as it is in heaven.”Come together.

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Welcome to Bethlehem

Christ is Born

Christ is Born

Welcome to Bethlehem this Christmas morn.
Go and see the King that has been born.
I close my eyes and tremble to touch a tiny hand,
that has come to bring me salvation I understand.
My hand trembles as I grasp his fingers to touch,
His love overwhelms me, and my heart begins to rush.
So many lives changed with one tiny babe,
To Him I lift my hands and to God give praise.
I leave Bethlehem and return back believing even more,
That God’s gifts are in us and with us forever to store.
Welcome to Bethlehem, to see the King this Christmas morn.

As We Celebrate Christmas Eve

nativity-scene-As we celebrate Christmas Eve

God’s miracle we believe,

At sunset our hearts focus on heaven above

to Bring us His Son, that we’ve come to love.

Everyone gathers close to share as one,

with our family and friends throughout our homes.

May His shining light and precious gift bring us joy and pleasure,

For all he has given us with others to treasure.

His gift of giving encourages us to kneel at the manger,

For worshiping Him, we are never a stranger.

Merry Christmas!

No Doom,Just Waiting for the Groom.

Today is that doomsday, that many have encouraged me to believe,

But my faith and hope is in Christ and his plan to bring belief,

My life isn’t shuttering,  my bunker is not made,

I cling to the Bible and the teachings that it gave.

So whatever time the clock of life gives me to live,

I plan on doing that in what  to others I can give.

With the snow nesting upon the earth this, winter’s first night,

I only wait for Christ the Groom, to bring us eternal life.children around world