How I Plan to Escape Getting the Flu

How I plan to escape getting the flu,I will explain just what I will do?

A compromised immune system and a sentence to stay home leans me to find wisdom.

I invented a plan that is truly unique, I wonder what the public may think.

I am planning to go to a supermarket quite a distance away from my home,

a place where no one knows my name, as I shop for food that I need.

I will wrap myself with plastic wrap from head to the tips of my toes,

cutting out a space so I will be able to breathe and eyes that will be able to see.

Clean, purified oxygen pumped in with a surgical mask so germs can’t invade.

The icing on the cake will be surgical gloves for everything I touch.

I may need someone to video this crazy plan to go out to shop.

How I plan to escape getting the flu, to many may seem a bit over the top!

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Did you catch my drift?

question-marksBefore I went to bed last night I thought about slang, throughout the years, it is no wonder at times people can’t unerstand.

My mother would talk to me about sparking and being a flapper whatever that meant, lighting a match? a fish? Sometimes she might be a wet towel.  What did she do throw herself in the river.  Another expressions was the bees knees.  I did not know that bees had knees, and I was truly thankful that she explained those phrases to me.

It is no wonder why at times parents and children have no idea of what another might truly mean.  In my 1960’s and a970’s I used sland like groovy, daddy-o, The Man, parking, followed by the 1970’s, “Can you dig it? Catch you on the fly. Communication was the key of actually what I meant.  So I learned to do away with words that failed to use true English, that all could understand.

For in teaching, I learned from my students the sland of the days that followed, and asked them to explain it in common language I could understand.

Who invented slang, I guess we all have used it over time to fit in with each group, and it is so amusing to us that we ask what is it you are trying to say?

If you want to be really sure follow a teenager’s conversation on the internet and explain what some truly mean.

I am glad that we are grown up, which somehow amazes me.

Did you catch my drift?

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I Knew We’d Never Come Back From That One!

On a snowy wintry, New Year’s Eve, What a day for me to dream,

I had a dream that I was in Time’s Square,

There were thousands of people everywhere!

I didn’t know a soul, but my husband standing near

preparing for the ball that would drop right here.

It seems that I have talked more that I should.

As they lifted the ball, there we stood.

I knew we’d never come back from that one!

At last my eyes opened wide and I started to smile

About a crazy dream I have not had in a while.

Elgin took me up into Courtland’s square

I dropped my watch, so we could be there,

So this New Year’s Eve, we will all have our own Time’s Square.

I knew we’d come back and the New Year’s Eve to share!184570_529711133719691_893993320_n.jpg  courtland mainstreet

A Preteen’s Gift

I considered myself normal for the age of 12 with a varied amount of interests.  There was one thing that I wanted that would make my Christmas complete, a phonograph, which now is obsolete. Oh the thrill of listening to my records in my room to sing along and feel like the artist was in the room with me.

That Christmas there was one large gift from my mom especially for me.  My heart beat fast, as the anticipation grew, I ripped the paper so I could finally treasure the gift I had hoped for to behold.  Inside the box was an iron.  I could not believe it, I gulped and with love and honor I showed my mom my gratitude.

It is so strange how my mother saw right through me. At bed time my mom came in and said, “Linda, I think I made a ridiculous choice for you, all I want is for you to be happy.  Tomorrow let’s go exchange it for that phonograph you want.”  I learned how much parents want their children to be happy.  Music was such a part of my life.

I had a tuba scholarship to go to college, because I loved music.  To this day ironing is not my thing, it left a lasting impression.  When my daughter took tests before going to Kindergarten I could hear mom laugh from heaven, when my child could not name the picture of an iron, I realized things happen for a purpose. Everything leaves an impression, a preteen’s wishes are never strange.

Athletic Christmas Stockings

christmas-stockings2Athletic stockings, just what are they?

Many traditions are so hard to break,

This year I fashioned an idea that was so dear,

I knew they would be quite easy for me to make.

I laundered old pantyhose and cut them in two

after they dried I hung them close to the firy coal

It was sheer delight to fill them as I do,

Then I notice that lines were going up each hose,

They are the runners in my athletic stockings.

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