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Sick of passwords?

Lines by Linda




Diary Keeping?

Time consuming?


Love them,

Powerful words

Brought our thoughts to meet,


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Mom, What am I going to do with you?

A parking lot with landscaping and a diagonal ...

A parking lot with landscaping and a diagonal parking pattern designed for one-way traffic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A sixty-four year old mother and her 23-year-old son go on a shopping trip to a local chain store.
The cart filled from bottom to top, there wasn’t room for much more.
I took the keys and unopened the back hatch, where my son kindly packed away the stash.
Then he asked me for the keys to let us in, I told them, I don’t know where they are at.
Fearless me, I saw a woman and one small child who could crawl to the back seat and unlock the latch,
Poor little boy, a bit too young, so his mother completed the good Samaritan act.
Finally, my son told me I gave the keys to you, I know that I did.
I checked them twice apparently they were well hidden.
Again I checked and sure enough they were hiding in a corner pocket, embarrassing but true,
His next reaction was, “Mom what am I going to do with you?
Wonder if he will go shopping again with me, would you?

A Gate

Old Gate Alternative

Old Gate Alternative (Photo credit: anoldent

There is an old garden gate that we have traveled through.

There is a new gate that is ready for you, it is true.

Will you open the gate and walk on through?

Holkham Hall - The Walled Gardens - gate and T...

Holkham Hall – The Walled Gardens – gate and The Vinery (Photo credit: ell brown)

A specification for protection

Now That's What I Call Faith

Now That’s What I Call Faith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A specification for protection is always having faith that God will guide your every step of protection,
he already knows long before a weather map, siren blows, and leads you in the right direction.
Believe and put your faith in God and may He always be a guiding specification for protection.

My husband’s 50th Class reunion.


Bedell2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time has away of changing appearances, but the heart of each member joins in the pass.

The encounters of classmates, friends, events, and expanding of their lives beyond.

Time spent sharing their spouses, their careers, For as in 1973, they still have class.

Thoughts shared and long remembered for those that in their memories,standing strong.

Regrets shared for those because of sickness or earlier events unable to attend.

Were talked about and prayed for as not just a classmate and a friend.

Thanks from the class of 1973 of dear old Courtland High,

to Robert and Colleen Mainquist who opened their doors so wide.

A special thank you also to their daughter, Darla, and her girls too,

Your love and service for us was a blessing, thanks in all you do.

Always There

Remembering those we love exemplifies our love for them as Christ loved us.

Lines by Linda

You are always there fighting on distant lands and seas,

fighting for the freedoms that the world seldom feels.

Friends, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters,daughters and sons,

Forever looking down on us from Heaven’s Home beyond.

You are always there, your memory is there and never gone.

The barren places of rest now blossom with our wreaths,

To let you know that we love you always, resting in God’s peace.

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