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A "What Would Jesus Do?" (WWJD) bracelet

A “What Would Jesus Do?” (WWJD) bracelet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heroes, brought home and met with broken promises to loved homes left in despair,
A government who promised to always be there>
To those in Washington D.C., which are you? a member of the tea party, just teed off, or wanting free<
a tree stands taller with branches that are there to grow and bend, which are you an enemy or friend.?
Alert, one nation under God, work together, keep our country standing tall!
Humble yourselves and ask, “What would Jesus do?


Waiting to Share His Love

Life, a time to embrace,
to cherish each day,
to record every smile,
every joy shared,
tender moments throughout the years.
watching our children grow,
Nurturing always,
Comforting families,
wrapping our hearts around them.
Knowing our loved ones are in heaven, above,
with our Heavenly Father waiting to share His love.

Come, paint with me?


How wonderful?
Weapons turned to paint guns,
The blood shed transformed
into a rainbow stretching
like taffy, across the sea,
lines of color marking streets,
Walls, turning to masterpieces,
like famous artist works
alive in galleries
Creating God’s canvas blazing bright.
Come, paint with me?


LatexDrip (Photo credit: Come paint with me?

Is He Yours?


I STAND AT THE DOOR AND KNOCK Corrie ten Boom (Photo credit: Corrie ten Boom Museum)

it seems we live in the days of quick fixes and ways out of anything and everything, from wrinkle cream, to secrets of survival of doom. Amazed by how many people are out there trying to get your money to buy these guides and sure ways to help you survive. Really?

They try to hook readers into telling you how everything we know of will collapse, electrical grids shut down, no water, cell phones, no gasoline, no money, nothing! They offer guides to help you survive for only a certain amount of dollars payable with a charge card.

I sit and chuckle, because if the grids, and all else fails, who is left to help us. There is but one God.  Is he your provider, your refuge?

In Syria, in our own lives, God wants us to stand with Him and His plans. He is every solution. Is He yours?

“Be still and know that I am God.”

Psalms 46:10 (NIV)

Never defeated

Complete Runner WY Cross Country League Race 4...

Complete Runner WY Cross Country League Race 4, Thornes Park (Photo credit: Jon Pinder)





                                                                                                                  Never defeated,



                                                                                                               In God, completed.


Am I Going Deaf?

Last week I was sitting in the living room, many people said they had stopped and no one was home. This happened four times in a day.  At last a close friend came striding in and told me she rang the doorbell.  So I pressed the doorbell, sure enough, it did not work.  Perplexed, I gave the dilemma some thought.

We have a huge front yard with a long sidewalk.  We usually keep the gate locked as our pit bulls, no, they are poodles spend time in the front yard.  We want them in, not out.

I pondered making a sign by the back doorbell that would direct them to walk around the house, jump the gate, and then ring the doorbell. I figured no one would do that.  a solution so plain, put an air horn by the back door, with a string attached to the house, attached with a note, “Open back door, blow air horn.

Am I going deaf?

English: Italian Air Horn

English: Italian Air Horn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)