The Trick-or-Treat on Me

On Saturday night, the house seemed so stuffy, so I put the air conditioner on

Hoping the air would be fresher, and the odors would be gone.

Soon after beginning the process to clean the air,

A repeated beep was heard in my ears.

I noted that the filter said it was ready to clean

hoping to stop the beeping again and again.

The filter cleaned, the button reset,

I just knew the beeping was one I could forget.

No such luck, so I fumbled for the manual,

And as most, no answer was readily there.

I unplugged the unit, and the beeping continued,

akin to the telltale heart.

I began checking for bats hiding,

by now tiring from the solution, yet to be found.

Frustrated, angered, by this hearing torture,

I glanced over and found my cell phone close by,

the beeping was from those texting me, that’s why,

So to Facebook texts, from the bottom of my heart,

You tricked me well, as I laugh again and again.

So trick-or-treat, making  my day complete.

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