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What God cares about

God does not care about our incomes as much as He cares about our outcomes.

The Stairs we Climb


The Long Winter Blues

The long winter blues of bitter cold of snow or chilling to the bone
Seems like this winter especially has brought us  down from our warm thrones.
Cling to the thought that soon winter will become a memory of the past
When we find spring’s warm sun, and the showers and rainbows of promises that last.

For Jack Shumard, A Man of Love for One and All

Anyone was blessed to know Jack in their life, blessed indeed,
He always brought a smile and would help anyone in need.
Many jobs he came to do in his time on earth, doing them all well,
shared by his many coworkers and their memories to tell.
He grew up in Oklahoma where his roots grow strong,
Always a part of him, when days grew long.
He loved his wife, Pam, and loved sharing their life together,
Getting through the highs and lows of life in all kinds of weather.
Their daughters grew in a home filled with love and joy,
As they married, their family grew even more and more.
No one took the place of his grandchildren, the apple of his eye.
He thanked God for them all as each day flew by.
Sometimes it is so hard to try to understand,
Rest assured, God lead him to heaven with His own loving hand.
Walking and caring for God’s heavenly land.
Listen carefully you may hear Hack whisper in your ear,
“I”ve been waiting for you, glad you are finally here.”


Imagine that each day our every wrong, from small to large put in newspapers,
and put on the local news, to share the bad things we have done,
Sin is part of our lives, no one is perfect, but God is ready and able,
When we confess them, not one sin remains, no, not even one.
Imagine the death of Jesus for us and our redemption’s won!

In a Flicker

In a flicker, time changes from the yesterdays of old,
To new manners and patterns at times, hard to behold.
For a writer, there is always the heartbeat that is meant to give,
The flicker of life and love, we need to truly be alive, to live.
Always feel that flicker glowing in your life.