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You Have Really Crossed the Line!

Two markers were going to law school the red marker tells the blue marker, “You have really crossed the line.”

Marker roll....unrolled

One of those days?

English: Alarm clock Polski: Budzik

English: Alarm clock Polski: Budzik (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Boy, running late, hurrying and scurrying,
like a mad jack rabbit being hunted,
The alarm bell called out to me gearing up as a fire fighter,
dashed up, put my glasses on, ready for the shower,
I started my shower and it dawned on me I left my glasses on.
After thoroughly washing them,  I set them out to dry,
Now quickly dressed I put the coffee pot on.
That sweet smell, a blessing to my day,
but as I drank it quickly in a rush,
I stared at the alarm clock, “4:00 in the morning?”
Any food for thought for something like that?


I can’t wait for another ride

Grease (film)

Grease (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My husband and I took a little drive,
going to our granddaughter’s game.
Truly eyes were thinking their love is really alive,
My husband and I chuckled thinking once the same.
i tried to adjust the radio in a different truck,
My arm couldn’t reach the channel dial,
So I scooted over and met my good luck.
Here I am sitting close like two teens in love,
People stared as they passed the mid 60’s sitting so close.
We’d wave and stares with wide open eyes,
My husband and I laughed until we cried.
I can’t wait for another ride.

A Vow

In teaching, and discussing vows and why they’re real,
I asked them, “So what makes a vow?”
A hand popped up in the back of the room.
After my nodding the student responded,
“Because of the letter o, which makes it a vow.

It Would be Easier

deepfrozen TV dinner looks nothing like food

deepfrozen TV dinner looks nothing like food (Photo credit: HerrBerta)

How hard could it be to avoid not eating the fruit of a tree?

I wonder apple, peach, fig, apricot, pear, or kiwi?

Growing older learning me, as a sinner,

Just started making my husband TV dinners.

The Grocery Store of Dreamers!

Wouldn’t it be heavenly to pull up to a window and give them your list,

and pack it in your vehicle perfectly, because the store insists.

The checker with a pleasant smile gives you your bill,

what a dream that would be, better yet, if they’d pay for the bill.

The Sheaves

Sheaves of Wheat, 1890, Dallas Museum of Art, ...

Sheaves of Wheat, 1890, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, Texas. (F771) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A king  living in the 1800’s was trying to protect his daughter from would be young men trying to date her. He took magicians traveled into the future, getting a strange vehicle of majestic beauty. The King hid it in a wheat field. No one could see the Taurus through the sheaves.