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Daily Prompt: Sorry, I’m Busy?

Busy, one of the toughest moments in my life.

My best friend was in the hospital, dying,

Even though I was praying every moment,

When the call came, I felt like I had abandoned her.

She made me a better person and knew me inside out.

I felt like Peter in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Yet, she knew death, a difficulty for me to face.

At peace because I know I am forgiven,

We’ll see each other in that heavenly place.



Daily Prompt: Regrets, I’ve Had a Few, Cigarettes

Deutsch: Zwei Zigaretten der Marke f6

Shame, remorse, a clock that I can’t turn back, is it too late?
From the time the first cigarette touched my mouth, lips to hold
 Little did I know that the road, an addiction of no escape,
Following with me, here I am growing old.
believing God will deliver me is my daily prayer,
As he delivered the Israelites in despair.

Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation,Words

Nothing happens or changes without words.

Without them life would exist as absurd.

Humanity needs loves, forgetting the past,

joining with others for a future to last.

Not making the same mistakes again,

letting brotherly love bind us as friends.

I believe our world is one that we create,

with our visions together determining fate.

Daily Prompt: Baby Bottle

Bottle collection

Bottle collection (Photo credit: markbult)

Daily Prompt: Prized Possession
My source of comfort was always right by my side.
Without it, forever told, I cried and cried.
Ashamed, I have to admit and share,
it was a baby bottle I toted everywhere.

Even as I grew older, my mom would never forget,
about that old bottle she spoke without regret,
always admitting that I was not weaned until I was over four.
I don’t remember what happened to it, now gone for sure.

So now that it is one, left that I can forget
I only laugh because it still lingers yet,
Over the venues, and positions and that of a wife,
Replaced with many bottles I use within my life.

Daily Prompt: The End of the Line, Lines by Linda’s Fond Farewell

victoria's secret fashion show 2010

victoria’s secret fashion show 2010 (Photo credit: cattias.photos)

Daily Prompt: The Social Network.

Say a fond farewell to Lines by Linda, reaching the end of the line,

Few people read it, so after much thought I will enter a new design.

I thought to myself,”Heck, if Victoria can do it, why can’t I?”

She may have her secrets so why not give it a try.

Linda’s Secrets designs and fashions for those over fifty.

Hoping that you’ll be impressed with fashion so nifty.

Catalogs ready, stacked to send, no line of chain stores.

I will run my company via the internet advertising more.

So if you are petite, misses, or plus sizes, I’ll have it all for you,

nothing risqué, if I can’t wear it, why would you?

Always remember Linda’s Secrets will be the best through and through,

Linda’s Secrets? The April Fool is on you!

Daily Prompt: Odd Couple Things are Looking Up

WordPress logo blue

Jessica Rohrer painting: household cleaning su...



Daily Prompt: Odd Couple.

Things are looking up,

No matter whether it is under my feet,

or the surfaces I touch.

The day is thoroughly complete.

What once mattered much

now hides as a distant memory,

no longer a weekly routine,

characterized as a contemporary.

Cleaning does not make me cranky,

it cranks me up to do,

simply putting it frankly,

creating a place that’s more inviting to you.

That’s why for me things are looking up.

So look up and the household chores disappear,

just admit it, don’t let cleaning be a pain in the rear.

Cleaning and I are the odd couple,

but things are always looking up.



Daily Post: The Crown He Shares With You and Me.

English: Icon of the Resurrection

The world shook.
Each sin he took.
Crucified, bearing the shame,
so we can bear His name.
Each sin nailed in pain,
that our sins no longer stay.
His sacrifice,God’s way.
Our victory is one.
Three days Christ rose from the tomb,
destroying our sins and gloom,
For now in Him, we are free,
His crown he shares with you and me.