So Glad No Hidden Camera Was There

So glad no hidden camera was there,
In my vehicle, locked out in despair,
Luckily,checking out the passenger side,
Finding the door opened wide,
I climbed on in, one obstacle to meet,
To climb over the gear shift with short legs and small feet.
I twisted and turned, with my eyes opened liked flying saucers,
As my crotch finally shifted into conquer my worst fear,
At last I scrunched and scooted finally with my feet on the floor,
Next time, rest assured, the keys will be resting in my pocket.
That is for sure!

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Look up and there you will find


Look up and there you will find,
an angel that will let you always shine!
For from up above love streams everywhere,
never fear, kindness wipes away each care.

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Truth or Imagination?

A long walk back from the college library back to my dorm,
In the shadows of the night, my mind danced with alarm,
Along a wide winding path, I see lights flicker and glow,
Never there before, sudden fear sweeps, do I want to know?
The hair stands up on the back of my neck as my heart races,
Wanting to turn back and run, from whatever path to meet,
I dare not quit the quest left to find,
I trudged onward, closer and closer strange sounds chilled the air,
Now upon the bridge, suddenly the puzzle, now complete,
The swans that floated on the college pond,
were kept in a shed, The hilarious situation was far beyond.
The flashing lights were a warning sign of sidewalk repair.
There truly was nothing but my imagination to ever beware.
For that journey always leads me back to a time to remember,
The glory of the truth, and leaving its lasting ember.

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The road at times grows long and weary,

the future seems dark and dreary,

Gently I hear His voice say,

Come to my Well,

Drink, your journey is mine each day.Leather_bucket_of_a_well

I have you always for whatever you thirst,

I gave my life, and placed you first.

Election Selection

We are no longer in that once upon era of days gone by,

Instead candidates backed up with campaigns that shout, “Buy, buy!

Votes once sacred cast at every poll to have a say,

are backed by unions and big businesses today.

The media blasts candidates early and late,

So can a voter cast his ballot from deep within their soul,

Our forefathers set it forth for futures to sustain and grow.

Your vote matters so please do not ever quit,

Put your thoughts and prayers with each mark on it.

Love Covers All the Earth

543830725_3286f9cbeb_sLove covers all the earth

From galaxies beyond to our very birth

Never alone, no matter what the threat,

His everlasting grace and mercy shine, even yet,

Put out your hand and hold it, keep it in your grasp,

When in doubt go and sit on Jesus lap.

Find the peace and repeat, “Love covers all the earth below.

Be sure He will never let you go.