Daily Prompt: Non Sequitur, awakening

English: Bison bison. Original caption: "...

English: Bison bison. Original caption: “scientists are helping users of American rangelands meet the challenge of managing multiple uses sustainably.”) Français : Un bison, image prise par Jack Dykinga pour l’USDA. Légende originale de l’USDA: Les scientifiques aident les utilisateurs des pâturages américains à relever le défi de la gestion multiusage durable. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my dream, I was running like a buffalo from an Indian’s arrow,
sandwiched between the tribe, the passage so narrow,
soon, the buffalo stampede began, me, their leader,
The ability to think as a human, beyond belief,
Faster and faster than the nearby renegade.
Soon I had reached a long, deep cliff,
Lord, help my feet thunder ever so quick,
The mighty warrior aimed the sharp arrow,
“He tried to hit me with a forklift!”