Am I Going Deaf?

Last week I was sitting in the living room, many people said they had stopped and no one was home. This happened four times in a day.  At last a close friend came striding in and told me she rang the doorbell.  So I pressed the doorbell, sure enough, it did not work.  Perplexed, I gave the dilemma some thought.

We have a huge front yard with a long sidewalk.  We usually keep the gate locked as our pit bulls, no, they are poodles spend time in the front yard.  We want them in, not out.

I pondered making a sign by the back doorbell that would direct them to walk around the house, jump the gate, and then ring the doorbell. I figured no one would do that.  a solution so plain, put an air horn by the back door, with a string attached to the house, attached with a note, “Open back door, blow air horn.

Am I going deaf?

English: Italian Air Horn

English: Italian Air Horn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)