Lost in the Desert? Remember it, Dear Friend

A bit of explanation goes a long way!

Lines by Linda

Traveling I found myself parched in the hot desert sun,

Unaware of how I arrived there, where from?

I cried to the Lord for a drink of water, “Lord, please!”

Suddenly a camel with her calf came from the east.

Instinctively the mother surrounded me and put me at ease,

As she fed her calf and droplets of milk found my mouth,

“Thank you Lord,” for you nourish me as I follow the camels heading south,

Losing all track of time, “What day is it?”

The camel replied, “Hump Day” for we will not quit.

On the dawn of a new day, we set out to travel again,

God brought us to an oasis, for water to drink.

This is why Thirst Day follows Hump Day.

Remember it, dear friend, won’t you, again?

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