Archive | June 23, 2013

The Mellowing Moon

Supermoon - 6.23.2013

Supermoon – 6.23.2013 (Photo credit: Nicholas Erwin)

The mellowing moon

moves atop mountains,

meandering above,

meeting earth closer

smiling on earth,

God’s flashlight

Beautiful in June,

The heavenly, mellow moon.


Daily Prompt: Island of Senior Beauty Queens

Face of the Anti-War Movement 8

Face of the Anti-War Movement 8 (Photo credit: theqspeaks)



On an island hidden along a foreign seas


are all the senior beauty queens, just like me.


No photographers allowed, only sixty or older,


From all across the globe we come here to meet.


With so much beauty, there is no need to compete.


Everyone is a winner from head to toe,


Life experiences casting their own glow.


Destination, wouldn’t you like to know?