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Daily Prompt: In Good Faith

English: Thumbs-up hand gesture.

English: Thumbs-up hand gesture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


While sitting in a doctor’s office I felt a tug in my heart.


You know the kind that many people put aside,


pretending it will eventually go away,


somehow I could not help but feel the woman’s burden,


so I started a common conversation, like a window being opened.


I learned that she had little, wasn’t sure if she could afford a funeral.


I shared we all have feelings of being downhearted and hopeless,


I too have shared similar pains, put your hand out, she did.


I shared with her that God was ready to take her hand,


her life would not be the same, He will meet your every need.


He feels your pain now, she smiled broadly.


Her name was then called the nurse called her name.


She gave me a thumbs up, and I gave her a thumbs up, too.


Stay in good faith, there is much faith can truly do.



Are You Comfortable in Your Own Skin?

Slippers t-shirt

Slippers t-shirt (Photo credit: ailofiu tees)

I’m comfortable in my own skin,
wearing clothing that is like a friend,
fits me to a tee letting me live carefree,
no one judging how I look, just being me.
Thinking of no fashion sense or runway to go down,
Just where I am right down on God’s solid ground.
Feeling that restful touch again and again,
Are you comfortable in your own skin?