Daily Prompt: Four Stars From the Past and Beyond

The future

The future (Photo credit: gwire)

Past Peak

Past Peak (Photo credit: Joana Roja – work and migraines – coming back..)

You Go Girl

You Go Girl (Photo credit: carnagenyc)

Daily Prompt: Four Stars.

My life is like a flower that in its appointed time blooms,
So much of my life has made people laugh, which I have shared,
Gut wrenching, tear dropping laughter, spreading like sweet perfume,
First star was growing up and carrying my humor into college, forgetting cares.

“You go girl”, says it best after beginning to teach
Between students, friends, they were witnesses to my humorous side,
From pranks to the puns which I loved them each,
The second star was blossoming more and never died.

The third part of my life is settling in, gaining maturity as a friend.
For year after year with my family a fortress so strong,
It was a time of tranquility filled with all of me, once again.
The third star raced on carrying love and humor along.

Finally the part that I have entered into is tranquility and peace.
This morning after a short night of sleep, and coffee in the cup in the hand,
I woke up later wet and cold, now the joke was literally on me.
The fourth star is like an elevator, keep believing, going beyond,
God who made you will keep you going strong.


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