Dandelion Glory

English: Dandelions in Kirkstall. Dandelions a...

English: Dandelions in Kirkstall. Dandelions are everywhere in April and May – these were growing on wasteground between St Ann’s Mills and the River Aire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dandelions growing and springing up in places we don’t want them growing wild,
Lawns looking up,  overpowered in the fields of yellow,
If you look at the faces of these weeds, maybe see them smile,
Perhaps they are welcoming you with a summer’s sweet hello.
Children love to pick their white fluffy seeds and blow them in the wind.
Capturing the opportunity to spread their golden sunshine again and again.


Like a child, enjoy a dandelion’s glory.


Fruit with flying seeds (Hieracium sp.)

Fruit with flying seeds (Hieracium sp.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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