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Daily Prompt: Success!

A couple of 14-carat gold wedding rings. Pictu...

My hopes my dreams came together walking down the aisle,


knowing I met the man who would be with me every mile,


year in and year out for ever faithful and by my side.


Knowing my dreams could not be denied.


Years later I see our faces gazing back at us in the mirror,


finally the message becomes ever so clear.


A huge mistake made, what will I do?


This old man is not the same man I once knew.



Promises are raining down

Kansas in the rain

Kansas in the rain (Photo credit: kasiaeryn)

Promises,raining, raining down.
Pooling in puddles the earth to pound.
Promises, raining, raining down.
Watering wheat fields, whispering its sweet sound.

Promises, promises are raining down day by day,
not by water alone, but given by the prayers we pray.
Promises, promises, with each soul, the promises to take
Promises promises, raining down, Promises freely given,
Find a promise  today as your keepsake.