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Compliments to all those who share their writing and photography with me each day, words feed my soul!

Lines by Linda

C aring

O pportunity

M aking

P eople

L oved

I nspiring

M aking

E veryone’s

N eeds

T reasures

S hared

Compliments are sweet to give and flavor living,

Compliments are definitely worth giving.

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The Dilemna

See Image:Gold doorknob.jpg

A typical day at a loss for words for this occurrence,

My husband visits the bathroom, locking the door,

When he exits there is definitely a precarious difference,

He finds he can’t get out, wondering what’s in store.

No tools my handyman has to use inside,

the window on the outside for me is too high.

I contemplated letting him stay inside overnight

Sitting pondering an answer, could it take all day?

A tall visitor stopped in passing the tools for pure delight,

As he learned a door knob truly turns both ways.