Daily Prompt: The Bizarro World Super Hero

The Forgotten Pulp Heroes

The Forgotten Pulp Heroes (Photo credit: Terry McCombs)

Daily Prompt: The Bizarro World.

The conqueror of evil,
the 64-year-old body transforms,
bulging muscles come to life,
and suddenly I fly out the door.
Soaring above the treetops,
approaching Boston Massachusetts,
to find the remaining suspect,
in the Boston Marathon tragedy.
My x-ray vision eyes zero in,
and my body becomes invisible,
and I move myself quietly in.
In the blink of an eye,
I find him and a hypnotic power
drops him to the floor,
As I encircle his body
with a mystery cloth,
and drop him
into the hands of authorities,
I fly away, as crowds cheer,
Wondering who was that,
Who was here?
Bizzaro, the stopper of sorrow.
that’s me.


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