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Daily Prompt: The Bizarro World Super Hero

The Forgotten Pulp Heroes

The Forgotten Pulp Heroes (Photo credit: Terry McCombs)

Daily Prompt: The Bizarro World.

The conqueror of evil,
the 64-year-old body transforms,
bulging muscles come to life,
and suddenly I fly out the door.
Soaring above the treetops,
approaching Boston Massachusetts,
to find the remaining suspect,
in the Boston Marathon tragedy.
My x-ray vision eyes zero in,
and my body becomes invisible,
and I move myself quietly in.
In the blink of an eye,
I find him and a hypnotic power
drops him to the floor,
As I encircle his body
with a mystery cloth,
and drop him
into the hands of authorities,
I fly away, as crowds cheer,
Wondering who was that,
Who was here?
Bizzaro, the stopper of sorrow.
that’s me.


Who Deserves the Thanks in Republic County Kansas?

Map of Kansas highlighting Republic County

English: Howard Volunteer Fire Department; How...

English: Howard Volunteer Fire Department; Howard, New York. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nestled in the prairie land of Kansas small communities
we sometimes take for granted those who accept responsibilities,
for when our nation faces catastrophes our eyes open wide,
to those who sacrifice their lives so others can survive.
A special thank you to our volunteer fire departments and EMS
Who risk their own lives to give us all their love of community, yes
to police and storm chasers alert us all as deadly storms move in,

Toronto EMS

Toronto EMS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For in Republic County we offer you our thanks, our special friends.