Daily Prompt: Giving Away a Fortune

Home Computer Workstation

Home Computer Workstation (Photo credit: Mrs. Gemstone)

My thoughts have not disappeared,
I am so thankful, finally here.
It seems strange what we take for granted.
The technology we have, so demanded.

For my fortune is not in money or gold,
but the joys of sharing with the young and old,
When a computer prevents me to speak from the heart,
a fortune separates  from within my heart.

So in the scope of life which we have to use,
be thankful for the ones we truly choose,
I am glad once again that my fortune, now restored,
reconnects to all of you once more.

For when we lose the tools that define and give reasons why,
we learn they can change in the blink of an eye.
We ask ourself that human contact is something we need.
The richest fortune is given by God to interlinks us indeed.


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