Daily Post Humility

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Aword of billions across the ocean




gathered from continent to continent,

full of profuse hate and torture

we only hear about the pain,

suffering, crying out,

tortured, waiting love,

waiting for a rescue,

waiting for food,

waiting for arms to feel comfort,

seeing hope, blindfolded in their lives,

where is the end, a world-wide atrocity,

waits, for one kind act of human charity,

Let us all find a way that we can show love,

It keeps me up, and I pray that God will intercede,

He only asks us to join in this effort with humility.

For there is something to give, so someone can live.

If each of us planted one seed a day somewhere,

Someone could feel our love, because we care,

Helping others, shows our love and humility.

Open our hearts to set others free.


OpenHandsInitiative.gif (Photo credit: Wikipedia)