NaPoWriMo The Outhouse


outhouse (Photo credit: twofordssearchin)

Along the rugged plains of a time from the past,

sat a throne of honor, that just didn’t last.

For many it taught them how to read,

until the original goal would finally succeed.

There were lots of deposits, and many visits made,

through the cold of winter and summers shade.

The moon slit shape in the side filled the space,

but its memory we can never replace.

Using solar energy by day, and moonlight by night,

the pathway was clear and within our sight.

For the smell would make the trip ever so short.

Its purpose remained as an outer place no one could abort.

Many of the era did feel nature’s call, in a rush,

Even though back then,no reason to flush.

For many the image still is there to always see,

Bur for me, it is an outdated building in antiquity.