showerhead (Photo credit: modus)

The filthy body stood alone,
“Warm water please, oh please”.
Germs all over me had grown.
Hoping to find relief.

The stench to horrid for words to describe,
everyone vanished, the smell, too immense.
Not one was left, not one by my side,
Would my life end in such suspense?

I looked up and a silvery shape caught my eye,
The holes were many, what difference could it make,
I turned it gently, warm water spurting out, I gave out a cry,
For there it was, a shower nozzle, I could not pass by.

With the twist of my hand, would I finally be clean,
The bar of soap shook with a tremor in my hand,
Suddenly drops like a warm summer rain, so serene,
Found me in the shower, and it was all a dream.