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Daily Prompt: Odd Couple Things are Looking Up

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Daily Prompt: Odd Couple.

Things are looking up,

No matter whether it is under my feet,

or the surfaces I touch.

The day is thoroughly complete.

What once mattered much

now hides as a distant memory,

no longer a weekly routine,

characterized as a contemporary.

Cleaning does not make me cranky,

it cranks me up to do,

simply putting it frankly,

creating a place that’s more inviting to you.

That’s why for me things are looking up.

So look up and the household chores disappear,

just admit it, don’t let cleaning be a pain in the rear.

Cleaning and I are the odd couple,

but things are always looking up.




Daily Post: The Crown He Shares With You and Me.

English: Icon of the Resurrection

The world shook.
Each sin he took.
Crucified, bearing the shame,
so we can bear His name.
Each sin nailed in pain,
that our sins no longer stay.
His sacrifice,God’s way.
Our victory is one.
Three days Christ rose from the tomb,
destroying our sins and gloom,
For now in Him, we are free,
His crown he shares with you and me.