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I want to know if my wordpress bloggers can see this on facebook or not?

Lines by Linda

Hearing aid

Words are unheard if there is no one to hear it.


A written word is meaningless, if there is no one to read it.


For both are lost and forgotten.


Words, where are they?

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Daily Prompt: Five a Day I’ve Been Exiled

EXILE - 時の描片 ~トキノカケラ~ / 24karats -type EX- (J-...

EXILE – 時の描片 ~トキノカケラ~ / 24karats -type EX- (J-POP 365 – 11.14.2012) (Photo credit: kndynt2099)

Daily Prompt: Five a Day.

Exiled, alone, don’t know why,

but I can have five foods anytime,

to me that sounds mighty fine.

Bring me a steak medium rare,

I’ll eat it alone, anywhere.

Candied yams for potassium too,

Of course they are good for you.

Chocolate candies of all kinds, just for me.

Such a heavenly dream to see.

Coconut pie day after day,

what a comfort coming my way.

Crispy cream donuts dangling from above,

My captors have supplied the foods that I love so.

Join me in my exile, leave the diets behind,

That we have blown.


Food (Photo credit: PaperScraps)