No Longer a Life That is Lost

The God mostly pray in touch the legs in heart...

The God mostly pray in touch the legs in heart. The God always donate the prices in peoples. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Electrocution, gas chambers, hanging, shooting, putting someone to death for a crime,

Yet Jesus crucified, took the sins that were really yours and mine.

An innocent man, who lead a perfect life, the son of God our Father above,

I humbly stand in honor for Jesus for sharing with me such love.

For in his death, was complete humiliation of human anguish and excruciating pain.

Stripping him of his clothes and casting lots for the clothing that remained.

It is a day that in our hearts we kneel and bow in deep contrition,

that His life would be given  without submission.

He forgave those saying, “Forgive them they know not what they do”.

Knowing as he walked on earth he understood human nature through and through.

As the earth shook, and he surrendered His body to His Father, the mission completed,

For fulfilling the promises that Satan in our lives was finally defeated.

May we always carry a glimpse of  our King and his death upon a cross,

which made us true victors always, no longer a life that is lost.