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Daily Post: How to Starve a Troll to Take your Joy Away

English: Troll Federlandese

English: Troll Federlandese (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to Starve a Troll.

Each word scribbles across the screen,
to impact who you are, and where you have been.
How do you starve a troll? Give up and quit?
For if there are no comments,
Give up and quit, but if you have affected one person a day,
Suck it up, and don’t let a troll carry your joy away.

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Share a New Walk With You Today

Forgiveness (2004 film)

Forgiveness (2004 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wish I were perfect
having each significant word
to express my true emotions
that I have with every day,
joy, laughter, hope, sorrow,
successes and failures,
I ask people to forgive me,
my conscience guides each word and thought,
Forgive me if my words cross that threshold
Accept it from deep within my soul.
Tomorrow dawns and a new day opens from the sky,
To all my readers, you have a right to question why,
For I will never give up trying to reach all who read
I hope only to replace each day with a new seed.
Forever I plant, guided by a light from above.
I wish I were perfect forgive me with  love.

That I may humbly share a new walk with you today.